Your Best IS good enough

Everyone strives to be the best.  Jesus even tells us be perfect because he is perfect.  What does that mean?  You were created by a God who doesn’t make mistakes, so in essence, you are already perfect.  Your success or failure is never in relation to others, but how well you can maximize being the man or woman God created you to be.  Only you have the unique spiritual fingerprint God has given you.  Being the best you, adds something to this world no one else can add as no one else was created to be you.  As we change in Christ, God never intended for us to change from who we are, but rather improve and grow into who he created us to be.

Perfectly Imperfect

Christians understand they are perfectly imperfect. We all make mistakes and fall short of what God expects us to do, but that is why He gave us grace.

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The New Church

The new church is a hospital, not a court of condemnation. We come together to try and heal our spiritual illness, not to condemn or judge each other for our sins.

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